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Chris Hillert May 17, 2021
Sawmill Construction
No Meeting May 24, 2021
Victoria Day Holiday
Helen Peacock May 31, 2021
World Peace - PipeDream or Possibility? Can Rotarians be the “Tipping Point”.
Recently I heard a Rotary presentation by Helen Peacock that brought me face to face with the inspiring possibility that we Rotarians could not only be leaders in building Positive Peace around the world -  through our 1,000s of service projects and our Peace Centers and Scholars - we could also be leaders in ending the use of War as a way to resolve conflict.  I believe we could do this.  I believe we should do this.   Helen  was a peace activist before joining Rotary and brings a truly fresh and exciting perspective on our potential.  Plus she has a compelling argument that, when it comes to saving lives, Rotarians have already demonstrated they can be brilliantly and effectively “political”.
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Black and White theme
Eric Jun 14, 2021
Joe Berninger Jun 14, 2021
Guatemala Literacy Project

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Melissa and Sarah Jun 21, 2021
Bolton Community Crew & Crock-a-doodle
Business Meeting Jul 19, 2021
Year-end Financials