Speaker Date Topic
No meeting Feb 19, 2018
Family Day
Malcolm Lamont at Palgrave club Feb 21, 2018
Science of Wine Making
Palgrave Rotary Club Wed. February 21st at the Banquet Hall 9 and 50. 
The speaker is Malcolm Lamont, the science of wine and wine making
to register go to www.rotaryclubofpalgrave.com
Business Meeting Feb 26, 2018
Wylie Hudspeth - SPOUSAL Mar 05, 2018
Bees a Buzzin'

Meet Wylie Hudspeth (local bee keeper) as he takes you through common equipment and gear used by beekeepers as well as the tools and parts for the hive.

There will even be an enclosed display with bees! 

Chloe, Veronica, Lucas - SPOUSAL Mar 19, 2018
Inbound/Outbound Youth Exchange

Lucas from Brazil is inbound

Chloe and Veronica will be outbound

Lesley Barmania Mar 26, 2018
District - Foundation