MAKE A LOAN, CHANGE A LIFE!   Bolton Rotary and Kiva have partnered to make an even greater impact on communities around the world, one loan at a time. Our money has been re-loaned three full times now, helping 133 women, in 23 countries. The average loan has been $350. Our default rate is only 0.02%!  This is a world wide organization, active in over 80 countries, that administers micro loans to individuals, mostly single mothers. The Club became involved a few years ago with an initial investment of $5000 USD. This money is loaned out in small amounts, generally to purchase agricultural supplies or equipment, and is then paid back over time to then be re-loaned to the next recipient. There are partner agencies in the local area that administer the applications and the loans, and Dave keeps a close on the applications and the money. So far there have been a total of 4.9 million borrowers worldwide. For more info visit